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  1. Update: Actually, it was the driver that needed to be updated. The reason I thought that I didn't have an update for my driver is because the Driver Update Utility for Intel didn't show any updates, and plus I had an HP laptop which has troubles with identifying whether there is an update or not. Thank you, Aether Pirate, for searching through my log and letting me know that I had to update my driver! This video explains more about my situation:
  2. I tried disabling Stencil Buffers, and it did help a little, but there is still lag and frame skipping. I will try updating my video driver(s) now. @AetherPirate Update: I checked my drivers to see if they were updated, and they were all the way updated. So, I don't know what to do, and I still want to play Tekkit, so if there is maybe something else that is the problem, I would like to try to fix that. Also, my processor is an Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.4 GHz. My computer is an HP ENVY TouchSmart 17.
  3. Hi, I have an issue. When I launch my Tekkit, it takes forever to load, and when it does load, it is very unresponsive and laggy and jittery. It will pause for a few seconds, then resume for only a millisecond, then keep on pausing and etc. When I go into my Tekkit world as well, it does the same thing, but my character is very slow and doesn't move until the millisecond resume period comes back, and even then my character rubber bands back to the spot that I wanted to move away from. There is intense frame skipping, and when I hover over any option buttons, it takes even a couple seconds
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