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  1. Hey there, my name is David, 27 years old from Germany. I am playing Tekkit for a few days now and had previous gained some experience 1 or 2 years ago with some friends. It was just this week that i rediscovered that mod for me and i am now searching for people to play with. It really does not matter to me if it's a group of people or if you're the lonewolf that i usually am. New Server/Start or existing Equiptment does not matter to me either, im flexible. :] Iam not highly experienced with this mod which should not be a huge problem, i do know how to use google. Since i played for international Teams all my life you can expect me to talk almost perfect english or, as a native, german. So either one or both languages in use would be cool. I do own my own TS3 Server and a original Minecraft Version, i would not mind going with the cracked one if its for the sake of playing together. One thing though, i would like to have people with the age of at least 16-17 or preferably even older. So if you think your group needs more people or if you believe that being singleplayer stopped making fun, message me or reply. Best wishes PS: I am used to Tekkit Lite but in i do not mind changing to other versions.