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  1. Hello , me and my friend was looking for a server just to build and have fun , could we get a white list IGN : Me - Mathue24 -My Friend - 32_Loco_32 Thanks
  2. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Java Version: Java 7 update 13 x64 & x86 Antivirus Program: BitDefender total security 2013 Description of Problem: When is start Technic Launcher Exe , then checking version window pops up and just stays there forever. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  3. dOOd , I watched many videos , most fo them was about Thaumcraft from Yogbox and some others versions with vis crystals that you mine underground and the video wasnt old , Thats why i came here so you will help me also show me some videos no need to get personal :/ But ok , i will look at the video
  4. Im talking about this for god sake
  5. The Village i 570 M away from my Home so thats ok , and can somebody anwser me why isnt the vis detector shoving me karma ?
  6. One Morning , i woke up and i was like ... I WANT TO TAINT NPC VILALGE !!!! MUHAHAHA!!! i came to village , puted 3 Crucibells and i started throving the shit to it i overfloved it many times , big slimes terrorizing village , but no taint , so ... umm ... WTF ? Any sugestions ? What should i do , wikka is kinda uselles cause it says when i use vis detector , it should show me karma , but it dont , so for the other stuff from thaumcraft 2 that is missing in Technic .