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  1. My discord username is KydZomball3799#6090
  2. So it's been a total of 3 years since my ban, and I still expect not to be unbanned from the Discord server, due to the fact that I have been told I was unbanned, while that wasn't even remotely true. I was never once told what rules I'd actually broke. If I can at least get a specific example of what I did wrong, that would at least be enough to justify it. This is especially when I'm expected to remain active on the forums for multiple months just for a chance at being unbanned from a server that I use infrequently and hadn't even committed a wrongdoing in before. Below is a message I received from your feedback emails which are currently the only place I can even find it, as the conversation has been removed.
  3. What exactly am I able to do to be "active" on these forms? There isn't much here from what I can see, besides doing tech support for people
  4. Coming back after atleast a year, and still banned. I can't even remember why I was banned in the first place. Could I please get unbanned on the discord server? Or atleast an explanation
  5. Hello, this server looks cool! Though to be honest, I think a few things could use improvement, such as the requirements for kits not being shown on the kits page but, overall, this is still a good server. IGN is KydZombie.