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  1. Hi, Whenever I load up TC, I can move for 2-4 seconds before only lshift and the mouse work. I am on mac. I've scoured the internet, found people w/ the same problem as me, but most of these threads have no replies. Can you guys please help me? I've tried different versions, reinstalling, restarting computer, everything. Please, please help me.
  2. Hi, So because I can't play Tekkit Classic because of some movement bug, I decided to find an updated version. However, when I launch the updated version, java closes, the modpacks' icon appears, then Technic opens again. Can you guys help this??
  3. Hi, So a couple of years back (1 or 2), I loved to play Tekkit Classic. I eventually stopped, but now the nostalgia has gotten to me and I want to try it out again. However, whenever I try to move in a Tekkit Classic world, each movement button stops working after about 5 seconds, even if I wasn't using it. I also can't bring up the inventory or menu. Changing desktops (I play on a Macbook Air) and then going back to the Tekkit window resets the process, but you can't play like that. Do you guys know how to fix this? As a side note- Vanilla Minecraft a
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