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  1. Please someone from Technic help us recover our modpacks. I am the creator/admin for our three modpacks. My account was setup with 2FA. Long story short, moved to new phone. I thought the old 2FA app was still on the old phone but when I went to power it on tonight, it seems the old phone got reset. I know I wrote down the recovery codes as I have a place that I store all my other 2FA stuff, but for some reason my backup codes are not there. I can't imagine I got careless and decided to do it later, but I guess that's what happened. As a result I am completely locked out. I am going to keep searching all my digital files to find the recovery key, but I am loosing hope. I must have put it in some random txt document for permanent storage later. Can a moderator or Technic admin PLEASE help us. I can provide all the proof necessary to show I am the original and current account holder. Perhaps @Munaus can help? Please, we are desperate to recover all the work we have done. Can 2FA be disabled so I can log back into the account? Thank you!
  2. Ah, that explains the difference. Ok thank you!
  3. Why then do I see the change log notes from other modpacks?
  4. Thank you. I looked around for awhile trying to decide on the best forum but came up a little short. Thank you for moving.
  5. I am having difficulty determining why when I update my modpacks version, the change log information is not being displayed on the launcher like everyone else. See attached. Notice how in image 3, it seems like just a default message is being displayed, and not my changelog comment. Thank you for the help.