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  1. Have you ever thought " Where could i possibly find a militaristic industrial modpack with intercontinental ballistic missiles and adventurous, yet dangerous galaxy to discover "? Well look no further, Thormen has it all. In short, Thormen could be described as: a modpack with well thought out content which offers enjoyable gameplay and interaction throughout the vast minecraft environment. Setup your base, generate power, process ores, build strong armor & weapons, travel to space (over 20 locations), build and launch missiles, setup nuclear reactors, generate protectiv
  2. ThormenLOTR is a server based on the amazing Lord of the Rings mod. The server has many features that official pack lacks of and some bug fixes to deliver the best playing experience. Some of the key features: * A new Middle-earth dimension * Over 100 new biomes, each with their own unique structures and resources * Biomes are generated in accordance with Tolkien's map of Middle-earth * The mysterious, unexplored lands of Rhûn and Harad * The ancient Pits of Utumno, a terrifying dungeon dimension full of Morgoth's evil creatures * Hundreds of new blocks, weapons, armo
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