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  1. Today I am here to tell everyone about the new modpack Official Strike Team!, This pack aims to bring a war experience to the server where players can wage war against different factions / teams and aim to be the successor! You can kill all of your enemies or ally with other teams. We are giving away the supporter rank on our discord and server! this gives you access to special items and kits for getting players to join and assist the server in further growth. This helps us gain a stable playercount and helps you get items quicker then what you actually would get. The pack is: https
  2. To my knowledge I have done nothing to it, but thanks for the idea Im going to use the other jar file I have which is the same as the one I use know, But this error only shows up using the Flans Mod packs MosPack and Machetemen Guns Pack,They both work on a server running the same forge file but not on a client
  3. this is what shows up https://gyazo.com/88749db43fbd5fc2876003919c272454
  4. Sorry man, the modpack test download is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/freedom-rain-dev-pack.1005896
  5. So I have recently changed my modpack up a lot. The change up includes new mods, Including new Flans Mods that wasnt in the pack before, they all work in a local minecraft enviroment and it works when I upload the files to Dropbox, but when i try to download it from technic i get a error message, Its only the flans mods that are doing it aswell but there is nothing wrong with the mods, Please help i made a server for it since people wanted it and all the mods work on the server, but on technic they just dont want to work.
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