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  1. Hi _Bos here or s0b_ as some people know me. I play on one of the biggest servers on voltz(I won't post the name because I don't want to be flagged as a advertiser), I am looking for people preferably older than 14 years old, that have a basic to advanced knowledge of the modpack. FACTION INFORMATION Faction Name: Macedonica Legion IV of Imperium Romanum(Write about this later on) Faction Leader(s): _Bos(myself) and the Consuls(This_is_to_dumb,and Brickthing) <--- Not the only people in the faction currently Ranks in the Faction that can be earned:Centurion, Optio, Legionary, Tribuni (You will be assigned a Rank depending on your skills for example if you are good at PvP then you will most Likely be assigned Legionary) Requirements: Must have Discord, and Skype Post Skype usernames below as well as reasons for wanting to join the faction Template Skype: Age: Reason for wanting to join Strength's and Weaknesses Imperium Romanum is a group of smaller Factions to form one big Faction Imperium Romanum which is made up of by smaller Legions(Legio) that are run by Legatus(Ambassadors)<--- Simple Explanation