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  1. I replaced the level.dat, level.dat_mcr and level.dat_old files from another save - in this case all the stuff from my inventory was lost. Than I set the position of my caracter back to my cave with MCEdit. When I mix both these techniques sometimes I manage to start the world (with my inventory), but upon exploring it keeps crushing. The initially setups on world generation were: Game mode: Survival More World Options: Generate Structures: ON World Type: Biomes' O Plenty Alloww Cheats: ON Bonus Chest: OFF no seeds were u
  2. Hi pls somebody help! After several hours of play the game unexpectedly crashed during exploration the world (new chunks generated). Now it can't load the world anymore, but instantly crashes every time I try to load it. No issues with other worlds. Reinstall the Attack of the B team modpack didn't help. Crashlog: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24569802/
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