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  1. Hello, I wanted to start up a server with one of my favorite mod packs of all time, Attack of the B-Team. I wanted to be a little nostalgic here and replay this modpack! If anyone else would like to play this and enjoy themselves on this whitelisted server I will let you know how! As of now no banned mods or plugins Rules: Enjoy yourself No griefing (Griefers will be banned) Use common sense Be kind and respectful To be on this server you have to submit a whitelist application: Application: IGN: Name: Age: Favorite Mod: Least Favorite Mod: Time Zone: How long have you been playing modded Minecraft: Why should we accept you?: Skype:(If you do not want to give it out in public you can private message me instead) Thanks for applying! Have a good day and I will get back to all applications in less than a day!