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  1. Oh my god! Dude! I'm just getting used to the site! How bout you just help out people instead of yelling at them for their "stupid mistakes!" C'mon... What am i doing! I'm a pacifist! Oh wait! Just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I won't defend myself. Cant we all just get along, too!
  2. Ok first things first... I'm in a pretty darn good mood too. And I dont want to be the bad guy! Its there fault in the first place... no one gave me help and that just did not help the situation... I'm pretty smart for my age but with this kind of stuff, I can't get it right... And if you think i should say sorry... I'm sorry! It just ticked me off that no one helped me!
  3. Are you talking to me???? or those guys????
  4. Ok now you guys are just being douches...... stop right now! I need help OK! My boyfriend wont help my dad tried helping and my step brother is being a douche just like you... its a pity... how men act!
  5. "maybe it was just a dumb question that didn't need an answer" Guys just to let you know... there is no stupid or dumb question. But I do agree... I'm on your guy's side!
  6. Ok i need help... On my Technic Pack it wont let me use my TMI pack and its confusing! How do i turn recipe mode off??????? Or is this just a bug???
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