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  1. Was not aware of the Java settings inside the Technic launcher's options. Changed the allocated memory there to 2G and it seems to work fine. Originally changed the allocated memory through the Java environment settings and the launcher's settings override that.
  2. I updated Java and it helped a bit, but the game still crashes quite often. Allocating more ram to Java does not seem to have an effect on the game. I looked at the available memory using F3 to see if it made any difference there. I have 8G total on my computer but cannot get more than 950M on this screen. I can't see my computer using over 7G with nothing else running. Is allocating more ram to Java supposed to change the numbers for available memory in game visible through F3? At the moment the game bounces between using 60% and 95% of the available memory visible here. I have also noticed a few more of the crashes no longer bring up the out of memory screen. Instead the game goes black for a second and then returns to the desktop with the launcher up.
  3. Game Crashes within 15 minutes of starting a map, every time. It always brings up the Out of Memory screen and crashes again on trying to reload. It may be connected to the BuildCraft Creative Engine as the game seems to crash much faster when placing a few of these down with quarrys. It still crashes without these things, but takes more time (nearly 15 minutes). I have no real idea on why this happens but it makes Tekkit Legends virtually unplayable (for any amount of time longer than 15 minutes). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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