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  1. I know but somone could post this in the version 1.1 im in version 1.2.5 the terrain and ores would be diffrent im just looking for seeds with epic terrain epic caves or a place u found lots of ores somthing like that
  2. Alright wow this is good lots of good seeds make sure they all work with the new version of technic. Better yet post what version of technic you tried this seed in.
  3. List of seeds. Sorry if its not the right place to put this :/ plz warn me or tell me where to put it befor you report me or somthing. So this is the spot were u post all those epic seeds of yours. So post pictures cordinates description and the seed. So heres a sed to get you started. Winter* has some nice terrain epic for creative or stuff like that so ya POST AWAY
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