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  1. TL;DR AT BOTTOM The server community is good, lots of fun people to talk to, welcoming community. Server moderation is far below par. Staff thinks it is OK to destroy your base if it's lagging without asking you to fix the problem. This happened to me while I was online, which furthers the problem of no consultation. Staff felt no remorse and offered no apologies or explanations until I blatantly went to them and demanded a response. Staff get an ego boost and then think they are a god because they have a [Moderator] tag, they constantly disrespect other players when they ask for help and don't respond to support tickets, they just mark them as [CLOSED] without helping the player (this happened to me, link attached) Ticket. This happened when my base was destroyed for being laggy with no explanation, so I assumed it had been griefed since nobody told me that my base was laggy or to fix my base. (unnoticeable through TPS, only slight FPS lag on my end, which didn't affect anyone else. No one complained the server was laggy, because TPS was fine when I was online, which leads me to believe they wanted to destroy my base just because) Attached is a conversation between me and a staff member. Red messages are from me, and the green ones are from the staff member. Conversation Clearly, it shows that they don't care about helping their player base, or ensuring that problems are handled responsibly. TL;DR I would NOT recommend this server to anyone. Choose a different server with a responsible moderation team.