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  1. i cannot find such an option
  2. my pc doesn't have touchscreen, its a weird bug tbh, i cant turn on fullscreen either. I dont think its a problem with the mouse either, and the cursor seems to be lined up with the game cursor. i didnt really describe well - i can* access multiplayer, singleplayer, but none of the buttons work once i have clicked them (add server, cancel, refresh don't work)
  3. This is happening with any modpack, and only recently has it occurred. I can access & click all the menu options such as Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options, but i can't actually select anything within the menus (e.g. add server, cancel, refresh.) The buttons highlight / go blue, but i cant click on them. pls send help i rarely use tekkit and everytime i do i get problems like this piece of sh ive tried reinstalling, changing java, deleting %appdata% xoxox