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  1. Hey Aether, thanks for answering! I did as you said, went into the config file, changed the lines to true, then started up Tekkit Legends again and reloaded the same world. Sadly, the same keeps happening. Below is the log for the session. I also have the crash report here, which I forgot to add to the main post .-.
  2. So a few days ago I did business as usual in a world I am fond of in Tekkit Legends, but when I closed the game for some reason my computer Blue Screened, with the sad face and all. The next day, when I tried to re-open the same save, it loads it just fine, and boots me in the game, but before anything could load on-screen the game closes and I get sent back to the technic launcher. Basically, for a split-second I can see the minimap, and my reticle, but the rest is black. If I create a new world, it works just fine, and when I restart my computer it doesn't help. I fear after reading the logs down below I might have corrupted the save in some way by exiting the game mid-tick. Is there any way to salvage the save? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers