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  1. @EvilOwl Well, I think I found the broken rule. I'm sorry for it. For me it's normal to create a signature, because of politeness. Swiss People normally do this.
  2. Well, okay, it's in the 1.7.10 Folder. And the other Problem with the "MrTJPCore could'nt be found" could be solved by myself, by reading the log-file. Well, thank you. Greetings TheSIPsycho
  3. Hello Technic-Community I got a very strange problem with my modpack. I created a modpack with some mods inside, for example IC2, Buildcraft, Wasteland and Project Red with the MrTJPCore. The Problem is, everytime, I startup the modpack, the MrTJPCore gets deleted and I don't know why. I spectated it, during the startup of my modpack, and all of a sudden, the core wasn't there anymore. Anybody can help me? I would very appreciate it. Greetings TheSIPsycho
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