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  1. I'm able to load up FTO (Fossil Tech Online) and attempt to connect to Ultra Dino (the server the pack comes with) and it gives me the "Failed to connect to server: The authentication are currently down for maintenance" error. Researching online, some others have this problem, but never found a fix. There is no crashing involved, so no log is available. It can't be serverside either because I see usually around 50/80 players online, and it changes every now and then.
  2. But yet I increase memory and nothing happens. I'm running a PC with Windows 7 and 4 GB RAM, and I change the memory to 2 GB and it still crashes. I run no background programs and my memory is fairly open. Though it still crashes.
  3. Ever since I got technic I wanted to play Wild Wild West, but since they rebirthed the pack I installed the new one. After installation I load up completely, but when its finished my game crashes and exits to the technic launcher. Support & answers would be greatly appreciated. (Crash report below) https://pastebin.com/3szHPERi