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  1. For some frustrating reason, I can't seem to upload the log(s). I get " There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 " I have logging in and uploading the log via both Firefox and MS Edge.
  2. Graphic Drivers were found to be up-to-date by Windows, downgraded to Java 8 Update 60 and rebooted for good measure. Still, no dice. Attached new log file.
  3. Hi, am I am unable to launch TEKKIT Legends. I'm not able to launch Attack of the B-team either. After installing the pack, I'll press Play, there'll be some activity and then the Technic Launcher pops up again as if nothing happened. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, the latest Java version downloaded this evening prior to my last 3 attempts to get things working and MineCraft 1.12.2 (which runs fine). I have reinstalled the Technic Launcher as well, deleting the .technic folder and activating the Technic Launcher which then reinstalls (I assume) everything it needs. In the hope that someone can help me identify and resolve the issue, I have attached the TEKKIT Legends log.
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