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  1. I didn't use @hammer without reason. I misread a rule and i thought you weren't allowed to post your discord in the modpack advertisements. If you are just going to argue DO NOT REPLY PLEASE And I had no clue I could request an unban
  2. I was banned OVER A YEAR AGO and because you guys never unban people i tried to use a alt. Thank you for "helping" me id appreciate it if you didnt respond to my post again
  3. I can easily update the mods myself and edit them for bugs. I've already been banned a year ago and banned for using a alt today. Even if a team failed it isn't going to stop me from trying to revive Voltz.
  4. I want to talk about the modpack Voltz. I'm trying to make a modpack called Voltz: Updated (You can rename it to Voltz or whatever you like) it so all of the mods are keep closely the same and updated to 1.7.10 or 1.8. So the old Voltz gets replaced with the one I made if it pleases you. I will also make sure to clean out any bugs reported or found. I don't wanna just add another Voltz remake to the community because no-one would play it because no one would know it existed. If you're interested please email me or message me on discord. [email protected] Ghastninja46#0467
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