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  1. MC username: Umadbruhh How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? i have lots of exp. in all tekkits but mostly classic pack but im bored of it so im looking into the lite version. How often do you plan on playing? every evening after work Anything else we should know? i got a discord and i was looking for a tekkit lite server since few month i hope yours will stay
  2. @j_steph3 why you server is down i would like to join you!! im looking for a tekkit lite server to play !
  3. Hi guys, i juste downloaded tekkit lite after playing tekkit classic for a long time , im bored of playing with kids that only want to be jerk and bored of restriction , im searching a small server of 5-10 slots with tekkit lite and no restriction . Hope to find one !!!
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