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  1. Um... I'm not sure what that means... But uh thanks. But the server we used updated automatically so now its working. Thank you JaariAtmc and arriej for trying to help! :3 Does anyone know how to close the question? :-:
  2. It didn't work for them. My other friend is now telling me that it means the owner of the modpack removed the earlier versions. But I'm not sure...
  3. My friend accidentally updated Texkit 3 to the latest version (0.95) which was released about a day ago. They went to modpack options to see that it only shows .95 (Recommended). They can't update it back to the version we were playing on (.94) which is a problem for us. Is it because it was updated a day ago that it isn't showing the earlier versions. And if that is, will it be fixed any time soon? If you have an answer please let me know. Thank you.
  4. Which Should I Downgrade it to? And How Do I Remove Java 9??
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