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  1. So from my end the main technicpack.net site is down/showing a cached page from there web service, also i was looking at the console and for a minute i thought it was a legitimate bug that the launcher showed the error "minecraft.net is down" when technicpack.net was down.
  2. Well for the Microsoft vs Elorram example, i would have to say its the whole idea of Microsoft being a "big bully" company that makes people feel it is justified to do such things, whereas Elorram is just a developer who is doing this of there own free will, and that makes it right to protect them (though i the case of FlowerChild the community kinda screwed him over, so of course as many of us would, he screwed them over lol) As for the diffrence in wanting a mod to be a part of a modpack, i think its a 2 pronged problem. 1. The mod developer (while credited in some way) isnt the one
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