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  1. MODPACK LINK: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/border-patrol-pixelmon.1471277 IP ADDRESS: borderpatrolplay.today:25649 RULES: 1. No hacking. 2. No harassment. 3. No advertising separate servers. 4. What staff say is rule. ABOUT It's just pixelmon but with mods. UPTIME Coming Soon... COMMUNITY https://discord.gg/zX4ZYUa MODS: Pixelmon Backpack Baubles Bibliocraft Bookshelf Buildcraft-All Carpenter's Blocks ChanceCubes Chisel Chisel&Bits CTM CustomNPCS EnchantingPlus FluxNetworks Forestry Hwyla JEI Journeymap MagicBees NuclearCraft OpenComputers Optifine RedstoneFlux TConstruct Thaumcraft ThermalExpansion V1.1 Fast leaf decay Body pillow mod Veinminer
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