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  1. Hello, I am one of the many people whose Technic Launcher does not work and I really want it to. I run Java 64 bit on it and whenever I try to play a modpack, Nothing happens. Minecraft does not load, The Launcher doesn't disappear or change, Nothing. Anyone know how to fix this? https://pastebin.com/nc79qhWz
  2. Hello. I recently downloaded Technic Launcher and Installed a Modpack called Pixelspark. After the Loading was done I Pressed Play. it loaded for a few seconds, the Launcher disappeared and after like 1-2 Minutes it just Kicked me back to the Launcher on the same page I was on before I clicked Play. please someone help me fix this. Edit: It still doesn't work, but now whenever I load it up and try to launch my MC, the launcher doesn't disappear but it seems to refresh itself. Still though, The Mod I loaded up, Pixelspark, still wont show Up. please help
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