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  1. OK, I read on another forum that someone had exactly the same problem, but someone gave him the sound files and when he put them in the resources folder the sounds started to work. I googled and found a video of someone giving a link to a modded .minecraft 1.2.5 folder so I decided to download it and pull the resources files out and put them in tekkit resources folder and now the sounds work. Here are the sound files if anyone else has the same problem.
  2. Hi, I decided to play Tekkit Classic, but it had no sounds at all except MAtmos sounds.I read that the launcher doesn't download old sounds or something etc, but I see some Tekkit Classic servers that got players and I don't really think they are playing there without any sounds. Does anyone have a fix for the sounds by any chance? I'd really like to play Tekkit Classic again. I actually tried a really old launcher to try 1.5.2, but I didn't have any sound either so I thought maybe it could be my PC? But I don't really want to believe that as MAtmos sounds work just the game sounds don't
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