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  1. So, the problem is that the mods are illegitly, and my forge is gone, strange. As I renamed my forge to 'modpack.jar' in the bin folder, as for the mods I'll fix them.
  2. So, I've been working on a custom mod pack for quite awhile now, I have the bin, config, and mod files all compressed into a .zip, shared to Dropbox. Got the link changed the dl=0 to dl=1, and the issue I've been having is that it would close to launcher, then just open it up like nothing happened, It never gave me any crash files. This happens every time I press play on my modpack, I've tried to fix this problem, and look at other posts and video's but nothing has helped me, so do you know the problem? I really want to know how to fix this problem Mod pack link: Dropbox link: (Downloads automatically) (OUTDATED VERSION OF MODPACK) If you know how to solve this problem PLEASE tell me. EDIT: Thanks for telling me what's wrong with the mod pack, my greatest thanks to you! Now it's working fine!