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  1. YEG Tekkit Legends Server CLICK HERE FOR DISCORD ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This server is starting up and we are currently looking for some players to be part of the community. The server will include a forum along with custom plugins in which we will be implementing. The server is hosted on a dedicated host that is up 24/7. To join the server please join the discord and ask for access along with your reasoning to join the server! We look forward to adding you to the server! We plan on making the server very community based and open to streamers! Server Location: NORTH AMERICA WEST Plugins: NONE (TEMPORARY) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Future Implementations We plan on including the following to the server in the future; a website, forum, grief protection, ranks, economy, item balancing, voting, and donations. We are open to ideas! Server owner has experience in hosting servers in the past and we are looking forward to creating a long lasting community for this server. How to Join You can join the server as stated in introduction by joining our discord server and stating why you want to join the server or you can post here, if you don't mind please state your age! I will message you if you are granted access to the server! Currently nothing is restricted. Recommend Locations: Canada, United States