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  1. Hi there! A week ago I set up a server for me and a few friends. Just a simple Tekkit server ran by Nodecraft. We soon decided however that it would be much better if we got a small community of players who would be able to join! So, this is what this post advertises. I'm hosting a whitelisted PvE survival server for friendly people who would like to build together and make a community rather than raid and wage war with each other. I'm looking for a minimum of 14 years of age (younger possibly, it depends on your application), a willingness to get involved with others, and a general positive attitude towards this sort of thing (also, you gotta have Discord). The application template is listed below. If you are accepted, I'll DM you the server IP and a Discord link. IGN: IRL name (optional): Why you want to join: Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding: The server should hopefully be online at all times, but I'll let you know in the discord if it's offline. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see some of you online soon! I'm about to go sleep, but I'll read your applications as soon as I'm up.