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  1. I downloaded the latest release version, and it works now! I made sure to run it twice incase it was a 1-time thing, but it seems to be completely fine now! Thank you so much!
  2. I increased it to 5GB, but I'm still getting the same problem. Here's the recent crash report: If you need the logs, let me know.
  3. Oh, thank you for responding! (Sadly I don't have Discord) I don't think running out of RAM is the issue, though I'll definitely try seeing if it is. I had my brother test the modpack on his computer which would definitely have enough for it, and he has the same issue. (We're both running Windows 10, if that helps.) Do you know how I can make sure it doesn't run out, maybe increasing it at all? I don't know where to look. Thank you!
  4. Hi! I'm going to preface this with saying I'm not the best at all of this, and it's difficult for me to read logs and such, so I was hoping for help! My modpack that I'm running (1.12.2) was working fine previously, but now it seems to crash anytime I try opening it. (The same happened for True SevTech, but no other modpack has had this issue.) Basically: -I hit play modpack -Everything in launcher loads fine -Minecraft opens, begins loading Forge as well as the other mods, and everything seems to go fine -Minecraft closes, reopening the Technic launcher with no error message, or anything. Crash report from modpack: If you need the entire log, let me know so I can get it for you. Sorry once again, I was directed here to post issues like this, and apologies if I'm wrong! This is my first time posting here, and I'm not the best with this stuff. Thank you!