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  1. i am doing the right recipe for chiseled stone bricks and nothing is happening. its just sitting there empty. i have no idea why. i'm trying hard not to lose my head but the constant issues i'm having with technic is pushing me to my limit. i googled it over and over using different phrases and im finding nothing. the wiki's show nothing and when i use the search bar in the forums just searching the words chiseled brick nothing comes back.
  2. I've looked and looked for hours but i cant find any useful information on how to install a technic texture pack. every page i find has different information and refers to missing folders. probably outdated. i've used the %appdata% command to find the technic folders but they're inconsistent with what relevant posts i can find. i have no idea. i've tried to search on the forums here for guidance but no luck. i've even gone the normal route and pasted the zip file into the resource folder and it registers enough to be selected but once i click done it crashes. any help is appreciated.
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