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  1. Is there anyone out there that knows where this version could be archived? I know it's very outdated but I honestly don't like any other thing about this game. I've been looking for it for a very long time, I'd know how to run it but I need it's files all set up with a working modloader and things. One of the probably best things that I've found is its "basemods" (?) on github which is seems to be pretty much its minecraft.jar file (saved as modpack.jar) filled up with some of its mods content: Unsure whether the downloaded file did include the standard MC 1.1 minecraft.jar file, I did grab a client copy on and extracted modpack.jar in it, to use the final .jar file as the game's files. If anyone of you has more certain sources or in general knows where I could find this technic pack version (as well as if it's you guys yourselves having it left) that'd be really appreciated if you shared it with me, I do know that Technic Pack's staff doesn't really like going back to those old things of the game, but I would not really want to create a public modpack out of it, I just want to enjoy probably the nicest version of this game before it got filled up with ridiculous stuff.
  2. Hello there, I'm here to ask you guys if anyone knows a solution, either through config or through a new mod, to make the Redpower's big rubber trees spawn in clusters in their specific biome just like they used to before Minecraft version 1.2, which implemented the jungles and pretty much made them only spawn singularly in that existing biome.