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  1. I'm getting the same error. Everyone is. It's a shame, I kinda wanna play tekkit classic now.
  2. Tekkit classic used to work perfectly fine, until I downloaded another modpack called Legends of Anarchy. The modpack wanted an update right after I installed it, and no matter how many times I tried to update it, it wouldn't work, asking for another update. Now Tekkit Classic won't load or any other modpack. I keep getting [WARNING] File version.json not found in the logs and when I try to load a modpack it simply says it's trying to load the version.json file and then just stops. I've tried uninstalling tekkit, i've tried uninstalling the launcher entirely and reinstalling and I get nothing. To my knowledge there's no other places that the technic launcher writes to other than .technic, but even deleting it and using the launcher again I still have the same issue. And before anyone asks, I am using 64 bit java, windows 10, and I've allocated more than enough ram to the modpacks. Attached is the log for when I tried to download Tekkit Classic after a fresh install. techniclauncher_2018-10-28.log