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  1. I am looking for a solution to break obsidian blocks with McHeli vehicles such as tanks and planes. I am using the ObsidianBreaker plugin that allow vanilla Minecraft items such as TNT, Creeper eggs, TNT mine cart...etc to blow up obsidian blocks. However, McHeli vehicle explosions does not register as an explosion to the plugin and therefore doesn't cause any damage to obsidian. In the ObsidianBreaker config, there are "Explosion Sources" which I can add/remove but I do not know if there is an explosion source for McHeli vehicles. ExplosionSources: PRIMED_TNT: 1 CREEPER: 1 GHAST: 1
  2. The ARMA 3X modpack is based off of popular modern games. ARMA 3 is the primary style of the game the modpack will simulate with its own twist. To bring Minecraft players a brand new Faction experience within the client mini games including guns, vehicles and aircrafts. Linking friends, the community and game play. The modpack will revolve around player versus players through battle between factions with modern weapons. Newly introduced gameplay to Minecraft. If you have not downloaded the modpack, follow the tutorial here or simply type 'Arma 3x' in the search bar of technic launcher. On
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