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  1. Trying to link a paste bin but it says I've exceeded the max size, my techniclauncher logs are 3,707 KB Here's the logs just under my modpack logs labeled "fml-client-latest.log" https://pastebin.com/b7TbTgVy
  2. I have (had) a working mod pack called "DaBoiz" I added orespawn and after reinstalling, the MC launcher will open but when its about to be done loading the mods it closes the MC launcher and opens up Technic launcher. Any ideas on how to get my game working?
  3. Fixed the .jar file, but now when it opens MC it gets stuck at "Loading - Initializing mods Phase 3" "5/7" My next step is to re-download the mods, ensuring they're all from reputable sources. Any other ideas?
  4. Decided to make a custom modpack, combining the elements my friends and I wanted a lot of which came from Crazy Craft. It lets you download all the mods just fine, but when you click "play" it simply opens the vanilla version of minecraft without any mods. Here's the link to the pack http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/daboiz The dropbox link is here, note that at the end I have a 1 but put a 0 so you can view it better https://www.dropbox.com/s/415g98pnprntcwv/modpack.zip?dl=1 Using 64bit Java, 8GB of memory. All help is appreciated!
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