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  1. Ok, so my internet is absolute trash, so when i was trying to download a pack through technic, it gets up to around 60%, then my internet drops out. So i went and started downloading the modpack through my browser instead, which was more successful. I got the modpack files after downloading it through my browser, put it in the cache folder, renamed it as needed, extracted what was needed, then rebooted technic, BUT it still wants to download and install the pack, and rejects it due to my internet dropouts. The pack it'm trying to download is one of the top trending packs, the download is fully functional, it's my internet interrupting the download, BUT i have the files now by other means of obtaining them, via browser download. I have all the files i need, I just need to know how to stop it from trying to download it again. UPDATE: Nevermind, I got it working somehow. It just took a few reboots to get it recognized.