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  1. Sorry about the late reply i was in amsterdam on holiday. To me that looks like Minecraft servers are down. Thats the error i always get if the sessions aren't working. No the poppets aren't banned. Only the voodoo one is.
  2. Quick Facts IP - mc.tekkitcraft.com ModPack - Attack of the B-Team Version - Currently 1.0.9c and we try our best to stick to the recommended version Website - www.tekkitcraft.com The server is hosted 24/7 The server is in a constant startup loop and therefore is never down for longer than 5 minutes! We use a both of MyTown and LWC to protect all of your stuff making grief completely impossible as both your land and your blocks are protected! The Rest of our story! TekkitCraft has been around since the dawn of modpacks. We were one of the very first servers to run on what is now Te
  3. We have the same problem. Flight enabled but still only OPs can use the swiftwolf to fly. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. i have moved it to the correct section of the forums
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