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  1. Ok, nvm, I just had 32bit Java, I upgraded. Sorry for bothering you
  2. I cant. It prevents me from doing so. I also tried Java commands, but it doesnt work, or Im doi9ng something wrong.
  3. So, I think you saw me quite often in the last time, but Im just new to making modpacks. So sorry if I annoy you guys. So, anyway, like in one of my other posts, my game crashes, when I make a new world. This happend, after I allocated more memory to the game. Before this, the game would just shut down the internal server, and say that my memory was to low or smth. So I did the -Xmx2G thing, and now, my game crashes when I start a new world. Again. So, here´s my modpack: crashreport attached. crash-2019-03-15_19.53.26-client.txt sorry for the white text thing, dunno what happend
  4. Ok. Maybe not. Got another Qustion, but that deserves its own post. I also fixed the above
  5. nvm, fixed it, but now it shuts down the Internal Server after a few seconds. It says I should give my java virtual machine more memory, but as far as I know, I dont have one.
  6. So, uh I did everything you said, but it still crashes. Link:
  8. Hey, as the title says, I am quite confused. The thing is, that when I start my Modpack it just dos not load the mods, it is just vanilla. I dont know if you guys need a log, but here it is, but I dont if it is the right one. techniclauncher_2019-03-13.log
  9. Hey, my game crashes when I want to create a world. Crashreport and Log(Im not sure if its the right one, but I think so.) attached. I think its not because of the mods, because when I have them in a mods folder and just play normally, it works perfect. EDIT: Cant upload the Log 😕 crash-2019-03-11_17.24.43-client.txt