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  1. the dropbox download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7zg2neta6r2hzlh/AADoWDJOz8fIGDeR79GFID2Ka?dl=0
  2. I tried but it did not work i named it modpack and deleted the older version of fore but it still did not work
  3. I have downloaded cofhcore-1.12.2- and codechickenlib-1.12.2- and it seems i don''t have the correct version of forge installed. i then download it and put it in the mods folder but i still get the same error is there a specific map i need to place it in? or is it just the mod does not work anymore. i am playing in 1.12.2. and it says i need forge or above. i have put the latest log as a download Thx in advance 2019-03-20-7.log.gz
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