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  1. I'm looking for one or two more for a Tekkit series - I'm AndyMossers everywhere, and I'm very mature for my age of 13. Must be from the UK, be mature and be able to build reasonable structures. I'll accept any Tekkit experience level, as it's supposed to be a sort of tutorial anyway. No bad swear words will be used and I need someone pretty funny that can record (my PC's not up to much). PM me on these forums, give as many details as possible and I'll go from there. Thanks!
  2. IGN: AndyMossers Have you ever been banned: Accidentally because of a troll, but it was worked out and unbanned again! Aims on the Server: Socialise with other Tekkit lovers and play. Experience with Tekkit: Loads of experience in BC, IC2 and Balkon's Weaponmod and moderate experience with EE, RedPower and Forestry.