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  1. Having some issues running this modpack i created where it'll take forever to load and then once you try to start a world the game will essentially hard crash. Im assuming its something to do with ram. The pack itself requires at least 5 gigs to barely make it past the initial loading. I find it weird because i have another modpack not created by me with around the same amount of mods that works just fine Modpack Link:https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/who-wheres-short-shorts.1417280 Also if theres a way to future proof the modpack that would be greatly appreciated. Just in case I want to go back and add/delete a couple mods
  2. New problem The game hard crashes during the preinitialization phase when it tries to initialize RebornCore Edit: Found the issue, it was an outdated version
  3. Oh my god. Dont know how I went through 6 diferent itterations before i found out I was forgetting to swap it to a .zip Thanks a lot man, and sorry for the trouble. Im pretty new when it comes to making technic modpacks
  4. Update Tried to make a new modpack and im still getting the same issue
  5. So i created a custom modpack, went through a couple o fversions to make sure the mods were working correctly together and now im getting this error https://imgur.com/a/DSlQGUJ Dunno what to do Edit: sorry heres the pack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/edit/1417280/main
  6. never mind still having the download problem, some help would be appreciated https://imgur.com/a/DSlQGUJ heres the error im getting
  7. New problem, did a few different versions to add needed mods, now im getting an error that says the pack cant be downloaded edit: figured it out, was a problem with the dropbox link
  8. So i just recently created a custom modpack based off of a guide. As far as i know i did everything correct, but, when i try to launch the modpack the technic launcher goes away, and then pops back up a couple of seconds later without even starting minecraft. modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/who-wheres-short-shorts.1417280 just ignore all the stupid shit, its for a bunch of friends