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  1. plowman nevermind, i changed things and it's working now. And Evil feel free to swing the hammer it's only a website on a computer. If i'm the salty one here, then you got vision problems. Feel free to ban me.
  2. Plowman, what is the name of the mod you said you removed earlier ? " One of your mods is incompatible with OptiFine. That's why I suggested you temporarily remove/disable it. I did that and the pack started right up."
  3. Good for ya then. An adult with a IQ higher than 80 would understand than instead of trying to show who got the biggest balls, he could just help. But instead of you, my life isn't based on Minecraft. I'm a graphist, i produce music, i'm a bodybuilding coach, so no, i don't have the time to update 13 mods from a modpack nobody gonna download except me, i even write this message not at home. Stay as a cancer in this community but don't say you are an adult, because if so, you might be retarded.
  4. Man. Read, i told you it was working PERFECTLY on my local Minecraft, so i don't see how the same mods, config and other folders can be broken in Technic but not in my actual Minecraft. And if you don't have any clue on how can i not get the time to update 13 mods, it's because i'm not a kid playing Minecraft, i'm an adult producing much more things than average people, modpack is such a little thing, but i barely got the time to troubleshoot errors logs i can't even read, so i was asking for help from nice people, if you are nervous, you better not answer next time. Cause i'm not there to jus
  5. No. I added the link few minutes after you told me to do it. But first, the mods was on 9minecraft and curse so i got them here, i don't see where this is non legit as i never claimed i owned the mods. Theses legal conditions are writed in my modpack. I play with exactly the same mods, config etc on the official Minecraft launcher with the same forge version and it does work, so i barely see how this can cause troubles. And thanks for this last advice, can you give me the name of the mod ? I really can't figure out. I'll update mods but i can't really do this as an u
  6. I don't have PotionHelper neither. Theses logs are bulls***, but if you want the pack details, you can download it. I can give you screenshots but i don't know what kind of details you looking for.
  7. Got it. Thanks. But better foliage isn't in my modpack.
  8. Hello ! I hope you good, i'm not that much because of a short problem. When i press play, the launcher close and then it does like the game would actually launch but it just goes back to Technic launcher. It's not a problem of java memory and my Improved Adventures.zip is ok. Modpack : https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/improved-adventures.1428243 Latest logs. [12:18:33] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Using primary tweak class name net.minecraftforge.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker [12:18:33] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Calling tweak class net.minecraftforge.fm
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