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  1. Ok I did what you asked and uninstalled my current Java to 8u51 and I'm happy to say that it worked! thank you very much for your help (Also quick question do you recommend going down to 8u25 if the game is too laggy with 8u51? but yea I'll try and upgrade my PC in the future thanks again for your help)
  2. I've tried multiple options however all of them either lead to a dead end or did not work, basically I downloaded Minecraft (made an acc and bought it and everything) and then downloaded the Technic Launcher (Along with Java 64x bit and allowed it through my Anti-Virus software + Firewalls) and then I downloaded Tekxit 2 there were no issues up until then however after I tried to press "play" it loaded up everything in the search bar then closed the Technic Launcher but Minecraft did not open and it kicked me back to the Technic Launcher's Mods section I've tried increasing my RAM Memory to 2.5 and to 3.5 GB but the same issue keeps persisting therefore idk what else to do. If anyone can help out or know how to fix the issue it'd be appreciated thanks. Here's the Logs: