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  1. I'm going to start a server running "The 1.7.10 Pack". It will be PVE and whitelisted, and I'll be using an external hosting service with 6 gigs of ram. I'm aiming for a smaller group of players, no larger than 20, most likely. I'm hoping to get a few players nailed down before I start paying, so I'm going to post this here. As soon as I get 2-4 more people, I'll make a discord and open up the IP. RULES: 1. Don't be a jerk. 2. That's it. I don't plan on nor want to police the chat, so as long as you're not throwing around personal attacks, you can say whatever you want. Although, avoiding inflammatory or controversial topics is probably a good idea. If you cause problems, I might change my lax attitude a tad. If you're interested, then fill out this obligatory application: Username: Experience With the Modpack or Mods in General: Are You Currently Playing on any Other Servers?: Have You Ever been Banned from a Server?: How Will You be a Good Addition to the Server?: Age (More curiosity than anything else): I'll try to get back to these as quick as possible. I'm a busy guy.
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