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  1. I have decreased the RAM and it did not fix the problem, do you know how I can downgrade?
  2. I have a running theory that I have seen in other places that 64-bit java is the result. Another forum member posted the same issue as me, that once they upgraded to 64-bit they started having this issue, and I have no idea how to go back to 32-bit, if you find out please tell me!
  3. I had this problem too, it just kinda went away when either I downloaded 64-bit java or whenever I increased the memory size. You can go to launch settings, java settings and then memory. With 32-bit it is locked down to 1 GB i believe but with 64-bit you can get up to 3.5 GB from my experience. HOWEVER, I currently have a forum up and going to 64-bit according my theory may result in some modpacks not launching, BUT THAT IS A COMPLETE THEORY!
  4. Okay, so I have reinstalled technic a few days ago because I wanted to play a dragon ball mod I saw. I played dragon block c resurrection (only listing names because I feel like it may be important) and a few others mods and I got attached to a server mod, and it worked for a bit, but now, it is the only mod that works. I tried resurrection again and when I press play it will just hide the launcher for a bit and then re-open it. I have downloaded the 64-bit java recently so that may be the result, but currently no mods work besides the server mod (dragon block zero S if it really is important.
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