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  1. Hello, I have encountered a pretty big problem. I am hosting a mine craft server for Tekkit Legends, and our pipes connect together without issue when we play and started out. After creating a world save of the server for my own single player use, anytime all the payers log off, and log back in, the pipes split up individually and have to be re-connected every single time. This is a really big problem because this means when we goto sleep, in the morning everyone will have to redo their piping every time. This does not happen on my own Singleplayer world download, only on the multiplayer server. Another thing to note is that, every block the piping is connected to also has to be re-placed again for the outputs to connect with piping. Some pictures: Piping before is broke/when it is replaced Piping when all payers leave and rejoin 30 secs later If anyone knows any fix to this, please let me know.
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