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  1. @arriej Pelipack season 3 https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pelipack-season-3.1477677/about Edit: I talked with the server owner and pack developer, he will be checking to see if anything is missing. But the weird thing is that this modpack works for other people. Just not me I guess. Edit: How can the server owner help? He isn't sure what the problem is..
  2. I'm new to Technic, and I'm trying to join a server with a modpack that runs on 1.12.2, but when I open the modpack through the Technic launcher it says that I need Forge to open some of the mods. I downloaded Forge for 1.12.2, but you have to open it through the Minecraft launcher. Which means I can't use the modpack through Forge or Technic. I've tried looking through launcher settings to see if I could tell Technic to open the modpack with the Forge version that I downloaded. Doesn't work. Other people seem to get on the server fine. Is this a problem with me, or the modpack?
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