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  1. So I just downloaded "The 1.7.10 Pack" and I've had some issues when launching it. The Minecraft window becomes unresponsive and it goes black for a solid 5 min then once it does become responsive it takes another 5-10min to actually load to the main menu. Then once I can finally create a world it takes another 5-10 to create and load the world every time. I was wondering is there something I can do to fix it, I've already downloaded the most current version of the mod pack my specs are GTX 1660 ti Max-Q 6GB AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 16GB DDR4 (only 13 is usable) Also its already installed onto an SSD, and I've increased the ram usage in the Technic launcher to 8gb. I know I don't have a monster rig but I thought I'd be able to load the modpack reasonably and run it with more than 30FPS