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  1. im so confused, nobody has seemed to help me or walk me through what im supposed to do, i just want to play a modpack.
  2. Actually this might help you more
  3. So, for 2 days ive been browsing threads to see if anyone is having the same problem as me, and a few people are, and i followed those threads as much as i could, but i barely know anything about files and stuff, anyways, ive been trying to open the decimation pack and it opens, goes to about 1/7 in the mojang loading screen then abruptly closes, if anyone can help me out with this i would really appreciate it. Side note: this is the only modpack this happens with, i can open any other modpack just fine. Heres the patebin, but i have no idea what youre looking for, so i just copied half of it. im sorry if its a hassle to look through Thank you